Long story short, I'm in an alternative/modern rock band, and I feel a bit trapped when making songs; While I like this kind of music, I don't know alot of phrases or licks or whatever you would call it that sound well with this kind of music, since my roots are in classic rock, old-metal, and classical. The only things that I find fit are power chords, octaves, and not much else.

I was wondering if any of you know a good alternative/modern rock band that I could sort of "study" from, or If any of you had any tips on riffs, soloing ect.

Also, one last thing: I know to be creative and not just stick to whatever everyone else does, but I at least want the sound to fit, I don't want to be playing something that sounds like a totally different genre.

Thanks in advance
Modest Mouse are a new favorite of mine. Same with The Strokes. You should check them out for some new styles.
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---> Llama's are cool.
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I, IV, V, vi, ii are your main chords.

Try adding some sixths. That seems to be really popular in the british alt/indie scene atm. Same with inversions

I'm really liking the arctic monkeys atm :P