my mate said "dude you should play some CoB its awesome and the solo's push your limits", only problem was i really don't like them at all, so i was thinking 1. should i get to know some of their songs and 2. has anyone else ever been in the same position?
Yeah. I teach guitar on the weekend. I'm into classic rock, pop, country and smooth jazz, but frequently have to dive into Indie and other stuff I normally wouldn't listen to. In my situation, it comes with the territory. You may be in the same boat.
I am forced to learn pop since my guitar teacher (actual class in school or else I would drop her) forces it. She fails any group that tries any kind of rock or metal. In your situation I would try it, you may end up liking it.
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i just really hate keyboards, i was forced to learn all this classical bull.... hated it, and ever since i have absolutely hated anything to do with piano's or keyboards.... dam i hated school
You can always learn something from playing different kinds of music or songs. But in my case,...I focus my energy on songs/styles that I can gig with. I would love to play some metal but no one around here would pay to see that. So is it worth your time to learn some CoB? If your not learning anything else then why the hell not?
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I don't see a point in learning CoB if you don't like it, unless you're learning it for a band.

If you're in a cover band however, you'll have to be prepared to play a lot of songs that you don't like.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Like Alan said, if it's for technique you dont have to. Just find another band with speedy solo's that you DO like. It's YOUR style you want to get down, not some other dudes 'forced-upon-you" style.

However, when it comes to bands, it might happen you dont fully appreciate a song. Not only coverbands but even in original material bands. Sometimes you just lose your click with a song. But you might still have to play it.

But what ur friend tries to make you do is bullcrap.
If you don't wanna play a CoB solo, pretty much any neo-classical solo made by the great shredder will do the same job for your technic.

Don't bother learning something you don't like if it's not for a band or school.
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