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20 30%
14 21%
Gender has nothing to do with it.
33 49%
Voters: 67.
My dad's birthday is coming up and father's day is also coming up in a while. I've always found it hard to give a gift to my dad since he's really just a simple man. I'm wondering what sort of gifts you folks give to your dads.

Also, as a poll for this thread, try to opine in general if it's easier to think of gifts to give for males or females.
Give him your love.
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I bought mine a new set of golf clubs and I find men easier to buy for.
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i bought my dad cigars
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A card if its that hard.

I buy my dad grenades.

No, seriously.
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Guys are easier to shop for if you're a guy and girls easier if you're a girl imo. Actually, overall the people you're closest to are easiest.

Last year I gave him my backup amp - a '65 Twin Reverb reissue... He was pretty stoked.
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A gift card to a massage parlor with a happy ending.
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my dad doesnt like anything i get for him, except for when i got him a record player for christmas... which he used twice
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I usually just get him tools. Though one year I got him a really nice leather holster for his .357

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But I think its a 50/50 kind of thing.
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Giving presents isn't that hard, but my male peers are usually easy satisfied.
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Give him liquor, GIVE HIM LIQUOR!

Poll: Gender has nothing to do with it, you just have to be creative in your gifts.
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Usually cufflinks or booze.
I would expect that you'd find your gender the easiest to buy for, you can relate to what they'd want easier.
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I got my dad a Jazz-cd.

It doesn't really depend on the gender, in my opinion, though.

It's easier to find good presents for people who have hobbies which you know that they have.
I usually get my dad some tools or something like that, as far as the poll goes, I give my guy friends tools, or buy them parts for their car/truck/bike, and for the ladies, anything from bath and body works
I usually get my dad sports related stuff like hats or tshirts. Or I get him fishing gear. He goes fishing all the time.
I usually write my parents stories for mother/fathers days, they've always told me I should go into story writing (though I probably suck more in the eyes of people who aren't related to me) so it's a nice sentimental gift. I generally find girls are easier to buy for in theory, because there are lazy options like jewelry. Though if you know what type of music people like then you can just go for a CD. Always a safe and cheap bet.
Get him a remote controlled helicopter. You'll be his favorite person forever.

Edit: Just depends what they like. My dad like movies, airplanes, and ham radios so I usually try to get him something that relates to that.
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I don't give my dad much of anything because he never gets me anything.
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I've given my dad music and films for his past birthdays and Christmases, often pot luck with the music - his record collection is so huge I don't know what he doesn't have - but it's always paid off.
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My dad is so easy to give gifts too. He likes to get music, pink floyd, clapton and so on. also movies.
CDs, DVDs, Books, a little predictable so I'm trying to mix it up of late, booze also goes down well with my old man.
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