Hello all, I'm currently running a DiMarzio Area '61, Area '58, Area '58 B/M/N pup set on my maple-necked Strat. I couldn't be happier with the bridge and middle pickups, not only are they hum-canceling but they give a wide range of tonal possibilities. The neck pickup sounds great as well, although I would really like a warmer, fatter, more jazzy tone from my neck pickup. Since this is the tone I would be utilizing the most, it's important to find the best pup for the job.

I did the "Pickup Picker" a couple times on DiMarzio's website and I came up with the BC-1, Air Norton S, and Pro Track. First off, does anyone have any experience at all with these pickups in the neck position (of any guitar)? Do you think they would do the tone I'm looking for well?

Or, if anyone has any suggestions other than the three aforementioned pickups for a good jazzy Strat tone please let me know, any and all input is very much appreciated.

Muchas gracias