This is not really a new song from me... thought I shared it with everyone

It was really a project for a short film that Im planning to do... but sadly the Short film just stayed as an idea only and never went on to production at all..

Song Title: Idiocracy

The song is about a man who have lots of thoughts in his head... sort of mental problem

The Song is HERE

C4C is definitely available
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thanks for the crit dude i appreciated it, so i'm listening to it now while i type to get a good feel for the song while i give you also an honest answer. so first off its a greast piece and reminds me alot of Viggo Mortensens stuff that he did with Buckethead. so you piece has the Intelligence Failure kind of vibe so great stuff already dude. The solo and fill in spots are great but ya gotta work on those bends dude, it sounds like you get close to the intended note but your just shy of hitting it bro.

great song overall the only thing i'd change would be those bends aside from that absolutly loved everything about it since its those songs that i listen to on a normal basis.
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Hey dude! Thanks for critting my song!

This sounds really nice. It creates a great urban kind of atmosphere, with the voice-overs that add a nice touch to an otherwise nice but a bit bland-sounding progression. It really makes the song more interesting! The only thing that could do with some touchups is the lead guitar; it seems to be out of time here and there. Nothing major, it's just that I can't find anything else to criticise overall, well done mate!

Since your crit on my last song, I made a new one care to check it out? Thanks!
now this is not something we heard everyday... well at least not around here...

keep it up.... (the solo could have been better though)