So, I keep looking but i just can't figure it out. I have an Ibanez SRX2EX1 and an Acoustic B20 amp. I am trying to get a Twiggy Ramirez(Marilyn Manson), Robbie Merrill(Godsmack), Shawn Economaki(Stone Sour), or a Paul Gray(Slipknot) type sound. Basically a hard rock sound. Can anyone help me because im completely hopeless at it. Amp and bass settings please(i know this is alot to ask but i really have no clue and can't get anything i like and I've tried hours to get a good sound)
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i turn the bass pickup off completely, turn the tone nob all the way to bass and have all the nobs on my amp at about 3 o clock.

Works for me. I play marilyn mansos stuff too
Given what you are looking for tone-wise, you really need a bigger amplifier. 20 watts and one 12" speaker just isn't going to cut it; particularly if you are looking for something along the lines of Slipknot. Plug into the Acoustic B200 or B450 combos and I think you will have no trouble finding a great bass tone.
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There are also amp emulators that work pretty good. I feel like I'm plugging this thing since I posted about it yesterday too but Line 6 bass floor pod is only about $100 now and can give you the tone of a 300lb Ampeg SVT amp and a few others. There are other brands out there too but this is the only one I have experience with and its good bang for the buck. You can even get rid of your amp if you have a headset.
Search for the_Fitz's post/blog on EQ'ing. It'll point you in the right direction no matter what tone you want.
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