i know i'd be silly to not buy it as a bargainous price..
but the problem is.....

its 100w, it has the switch to knock it down to 60w... but could you actually play it at student room levels without destroying the entire building?

i know it has a master vol, but would it sound dire..?
My guitar teacher has one and it sounds pretty good at low volumes.
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Would sound better than the HT-5 IMO
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jesus are you stealing it?
i think it will sound good at the lower volumes but will sound better when you get a chance to crank it
It'll sound fine as long as you're not constantly looking for total power tube saturation during bedroom practice and such.
yeh it will be a student 'dorm' but im looking into gigging when i get settled at uni so it would be the right thing for the job...

it has some fresh tubes in it too !