Hey Guys

I think you all know the deal with this amp. 5 watts, loud, high gain, lovely cleans, unique tone adjustment. It's literally just been retubed, and it sounds better than ever.

I'm looking for a bigger, better amp and preferably a combo. I'm not so bothered about channels, I would only use the clean as I use pedals. I would love offers for these:
Orange Tiny Terror Combo (I'd add cash)
Marshall AVT100/AVT150 Combo (I'd like some cash)
Blackstar HT-20 (I'd add cash)

I'm pretty much open to all amplifier offers.

Cashwise I'd be looking for about £225-£250.

Thanks, Will

*pics on serious offer
Sorry, typo -

Marshall DSL401 Combo (I will add cash)


Marshall AVT100/150 ..

(sorry for double post)
Trade for an Ashdown FA60?
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I have a Blackstar HT-20 (As new) for sale

I don't want your ht-5 though :P
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