hey all, just some lyrics I wrote inspired by the virginia tech massacre, spawn and kim jong il - as you've probably guessed its just a song about how we've lost all faith in the world and its corrupted minds. it's intended for a deathcore style, but i guess it could be adapted to some kind of doom and gloom acoustic or poem.


Faith and Malebogia

Let me take your defiled hands
And search for why
You seek us slaughter in ruins

This Earth is sunk in your bare teeth
All our questions have been answered
By the hatred you've infected
In the birth of all

We have no heart
We have no mind
We have no soul

Save us from the purity we so constantly fear
Glorify our names like the Christ
Who died to save nothing
And let vultures feed on our blood

Might we lose our eyes to the Shining
Demon, it is without difference
Oh, we could see the end
From a sky away