Hi chaps.
Just need a quick bit of help, I've just realised that in all my years I've never come across how to write down improv on a score.
I'm just scoring a piece of music and the guitarist has asked to have a small improvised lead part. How would I go about notating this?

Just write in "guitar improvises for x bars". I'm sure they'll get what you mean when they go to play it.
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GP5 (lol) just says Add Lib?
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Not sure what kind of score it would be, but I've often seen those Roman Numeral above the scors with empty bars that just say IMPROV. But atleats write down what the chords are.
And if it's modal ( which I doubt but we never know ) write the chords and the possible modes you can use.
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grr, would check for you, but seems I've left my band folder at school >.<

pretty sure you can write ad lib above the first bar of impro, then put a single diagonal strike through each bar. Similar to that sign that means 'the same as the bar before' but without the dots?
Do some weird 20th century stuff like big blotches on the staff, that don't really mean anything and is up for interpretation.
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