As the title says, I was wondering what the difference was between the Powerball E645 and the Powerball II? Are there any tonal differences, or is it just more accessories/toys in the II? And if there are tonal differences, which has the heavier, darker more 'br00tal' tone? Thanks
Well the biggest issue people had with the Powerball is that it struggles to cut through the mix in band situations due to it's naturally scooped sound. The Powerball II is supposed to remedy this issue. I would expect the amp to sound quite a bit different since the sound of the original one was pretty much defined by that massive scoop in the midrange. Can't say for sure though, I don't even think the Powerball II is out yet, let alone has clips floating around. But needless to say, if you're gigging or jamming with more than just a drummer you'd probably want to wait for the Powerball II. That being said, if you really wanted a Powerball you could always try to boost its mids with an EQ pedal and/or a mid heavy boost/OD pedal for gigging/jamming.