I just need some advice on a home practice amp. Im not new to guitar or anything like that just have never purchased a "bedroom" practice amp, or maybe a better term would be a lower wattage amp. I have a Peavey special 212 which i use for band practice, but im just in the mood for something new, and seeing how it is all the at the drummers house, it does me no good here. I need something that when recording i can achieve a good warm tube tone. I play a heavy hard rock style i guess you'd say. Basically mesa, diezel, type of hard rock sound. I just need someone to point me in a direction of good smaller amps that can still achieve a decent tone. I guess id say a 500 dollar budget.
a vox ac4tv head and cab. It has a lovely warm dynamic tube tone and takes pedals very well. It can go from 4 watts to 1/4 watt. I suggest head and cab because it sounds bigger, more projection and a little bit louder.