I'm a beginner, and have been playing for about a year. I'm looking for a new guitar, and i am wondering whether this guitar suits me. I am just looking for an affortable guitar which is durable and can last me a long time. Although this is rather expensive for a begginer for me, it caught my eye because of all the good reviews people gave it. However, it is not easily available in my country(Singapore) and would cost aroung US$450 to get it here. Is it worth the price, and is it suitable for me? If it is not, is there any other guitars that you would recomend? (There are tons of Yamaha shops around here) Thank You!
Taylors are top quality guitars but you used the word "durable". I don't think there is such a thing as a "durable" guitar. There is top quality, low quality, and so on. Whether you been playing for 6 days, a year, or whatever it's really up to you on what you want to spend, and what guitar is in your price range and has the sound you are shooting for. I didn't like my Yamaha at all for it had a really muted sound. I ended up buying a Dean (which I know isn't liked on this forum) BUT has the sound I wanted and was right in my price range. Eventually I am too going Taylor shopping but that will be for the 1k plus models.

In short, hit the music store with what sound you are going for, and the max amount you are willing to spend (in your head).
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yamaha makes some of the best budget guitars around. the fg700, fg720 and fg730 are good quality with solid tops, gloss finishes and good build qualities - and best of all, they sell them where you are. the big baby isn't a bad guitar, but it doesn't have a gloss finish, looks very plain and for my personal taste, the yamahas - particularly the fg730 - sounded and felt better.
well man, I have been staring at a Big Baby Taylor for a long time now, just not got the guts to buy it, but I have already chosen that guitar as one of my favorites. I believe that it is around 450 at my closest guitar shop. GREATT guitar..
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Thanks for all your replies. I shall go for the Taylor when I get enough money.