Upon inspecting the tour dates, I have found two locations within easy reach of where I live and I was wondering if anyone had any tips for which date might be better to go on.
There's the show in INDY (Verizon Wireless Ampitheater) kind-of early on in the tour at the beginning of July.
Then there's the show in CHICAGO (Tinley Park) kind-of later on in the tour on the very last day in July.
If someone has been to these kinds of massive "hundred-band" kind of festivals, I would be very welcoming to any kind of tips, tricks, or recommendations as to which show to go to.
ive been to the Chicago venue and i liked the set up of things.
depending on what bands you want to watch and where you like to be in the crowd is when you want to show up at their stage.
First thing, bring paper and a pen to right down stage and band assignments.
second thing, locate all the stages you plan on visiting.
Also sneak in some water because they charge a lot for food and the lines are long, i waited an hour and missed alexisonfire last year.

The chicago venue is nice because of the actual amphitheater it has, so when your tired you can go chill in the theater in actual seats and not the ground.
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yeah, the actual theater seats thing is sort of a huge deal, because I tend to get really into the music and wear myself out.
That was spot on, mate, thanks.