I just recieved my pickups, and I want an 81 in the bridge, SA in the middle, and an 85 in the neck, but they only have instructions for two pickups. It seems to have come with a 2 pickup solderless kit, how am I meant to use it to put three pickups in my guitar or am i going to have to order another piece of kit (i really would rather not.)? I have a 5 way switch in my guitar, and just a master tone and master volume. If I have to solder myself where do I get the wires from considering all the ones it came with are solderless...?

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Even EMGs require some soldering. Once you've installed them then the idea is that you can swap out different EMG pickups without having to solder them in. You'll still need to install the pots and pickup switching and stuff (EMGs use different pots to standard passive pickups) and the stereo output jack with solder. So yes, you will need a soldering iron to install them.

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