Is there a way to set your chromatic tuner to suit quarter step and half step tuning? Like what should I set the calibration at?
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Why would you want to tune your guitar a quarter step up or down? And you don't really need to calibrate the tuner to tune a half step down, or at least you shouldn't. Doesn't it recognize flat or sharp notes?
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It depends on what kind of tuner you're using. If you have one of the cheaper Korg tuners you can just tune all your strings to the point where the needle is over the 430 hz dot and you'll be pretty close to a quarter step. Half step you just press the flat button once and tune normally.
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I have the korg ca 30. I'm trying to tune to the highway to hell album and having one hell of a time.
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I have the korg ca 30. I'm trying to tune to the highway to hell album and having one hell of a time.

Highway to Hell is in A, right? Tune the A string to the song. When I used to play AC/DC all the time, it's what I did.
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Half step down is a piece of piss: any good tuner should show when a string is tuned to C, C#/Db, D, D#/Eb, E, F, F#/Gb, G, G#/Ab, A, A#/Bb or B. So there are all your sharps/flats, easy to tune to.

For quarter step down, most people who used quarter step tuning did so in the '70s when oddball things like that were the fashion - and they wouldn't have done so using highly precise tuners. Generally what you do is tune to Eb (half step down), then tune up until the indicator on your tuner is either right at the top end of what it considers to be close to Eb or right at the bottom end of what it considers to be in the range of E. It's usually best though to try to train your ear and tune up a quarter step from Eb without a tuner.
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so what calibration is half step down can some tell me plz
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You don't "calibrate the tuner for a half step down". To paraphrase... in music there is a whole step and a half step. The distance between the note C and the note D is a whole step, whereas the distance between C and C#/Db is a half step. Therefore to tune a guitar a half step down, you flatten every string. Instead of E A D G B E you would tune it to Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb. Keep your tuner at 440Mhz
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