i love to play acoustic and do covers of songs, and im trying to find a brilliant song for acoustic guitar that is really impressive and sounds great.
any suggestions?
try some elliot smith and john frusciante..

they're very impressive, simple and sound great..
Anything that sounds good to you, and is in your reach/ability/goals. There are songs that can be too complicated for some, and not so much for others.
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thanx, those are some good suggestions...
now one of my teachers has asked me, or told me, to learn some spanish sounding guitar piece to play for the class some time. i dont know any songs that sound spanish.
anyone know of anything??
ocean - john butler is by far the greatest song to play. sounds amazing and is fun.
Find a song that YOU really love, add your own little touches and interpretations to it, and play it a ridiculous number of times on your own (which naturally happens if you like a song that much). A song you love and play a lot is the best song to play.

Spanish songs? I can recommend some classical like stuff.
Austarias (Leyanda) by Isaac Albeniz (spelling)
Bedroom Acoustics by Muse (it's a classical guitar song, not a rock song)
Spanish Romance/Romance/Romanza/Anonymous Romance/Other names by...anonymous.
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can you sing? if you can do a good version of "jason mraz - the remedy" you rock

I always wanted to know what are the chords in remedy.. they seem fairly simple but the chords on the 2nd and 4th beat of the bar in the verse sounds pretty strange.. is it some kind of 7th?