New song I'm writing. The lyrics for the verse are pretty much sure and the rest in susceptible to a complete tear down. So the comments on here will decide the faith of those bits.

Short sighted optimism
Falling short with the
Hollow laughs of all your
Who scream and shout about
Every little thing they
What's going on!
Fragments of a
Life worth loss
It's not your choice
But it's what you've got
So raise your voice!

What little scrap of dignity
The smallest point of solidarity
Glances thrown around the room
at the glances cast at you

When I was young I used to
Look for a silver lining
Only to find that everything comes down to
Expert timing
Satan's finger draws a
Red line through our bipolar nation
World leaders sum us up in
Some sort of bugger-all equation.
Hey, I really like it so far. Keep doing what you're doing and I look forward to hearing it soon!