This is the first part to a story I wrote to go with one of my poems "Winters moon"
This is not like most of my writings, but I wanted to try something new so I hope you dudes like it.

The sun seemed to dance across her face like the flames of a candle. So beautiful, their was know doubt about it. Her smile was the clarity of perfection. He watched in utter blissfulness as she danced her way toward him; her dress was weightless in the air. This was the perfect night, a dream that could be nothing but reality; his mind would not be able to picture something so perfect. As she drifted toward him, he watched as her legs angelically flouted his way. He grabbed her, and held her tight.
“ This is what I’ve being waiting my hole life for”
As he kissed her lips, he listened to the music that sang to his heart. Perfection, simply perfection.
He danced with her, and no one else around them existed, “It’s just you, and me baby.”
The air was tainted with the smell of roses, and new perfume. How could I night get any better?
He watched in complete shock, as the music suddenly died, and everyone scattered.
“Honey what’s going on?”
This man, watched as his wife looked at him with painful eyes as she fell out of his arms. This man watched as blood spots began to appear on the chest of his wives white dress. He watched, with wet blurry eyes, as she gave her last breath; he watched it all with shock, and pain.
This was a night to remember. He looked at her, and fell to his knees; weak, yet so lovely.
He carried her across the icy snow as the wind frosted his eyes; she was already dead, but he would never remit it.
When he got their what could they do, what could they do?

A year has past sense that night, and Adam was sitting on his bed looking down at a picture of his wife. The room was dark, and the electricity has being shut off for months. With sudden rage Adam threw the picture hard against the wall; glass ripped through the air, and landed on the hard wooden floor.
“Dam it!” he shouted out loud. “How could this be happening to me? I did nothing, nothing!” Adam latched on to the curtains and dragged them with him as he fell onto the bed. The bright sunlight burst into his room, and began to burn his eyes. The wrinkles around his mouth, and below his eyes appeared stressfully. This is pain, pure, and simple; pain.
Adam would lie there for hours; letting the sun mock him, until it got weary, and came down. He would lie their looking up at the ceiling imagining that maybe she was looking down at him too. “I love you babe” he whispered to himself “ I miss you.”
This is the life of a man who lost it all, who lost everything; he even lost himself.
As Adam drifted into the gloom of darkness, the smell of fire floated into his nostrils, yet he paid know notice. The only time Adam planed on getting up was to get something to eat or go to the bathroom, and he was in know need for any of those things at the moment; just sit, and let the darkness take you away.
Sirens screeched outside his window thirty minutes later; this woke Adam up from his trance. As he sat up, his image was blurred, and he fell back down onto the bed. Smoke was flooding his bedroom, and breathing was an obstacle.
Glass sprayed from his outside window, and a firefighter lurked from outside. “Hey anybody in their!”
Adam looked up weakly at the man ”Yeah” was all that he was able to cough.
Alexis Divine

If my heart is stone then you're Medusa