As the title suggests, im looking for some good 7 string songs. My ibanez RGA-7 (pics soon) is shipping as we speak, and i was wondering what some good 7 string songs. i was looking for some medium difficulty. I would like to play Dream Theater, but was unsure what else was out there. Suggestions???

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Endless sacrifice is written for a 7 string most of it is playable.

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counting on me- KoЯn
Right Now- KoЯn
Y'all Want a Single- KoЯn
Freak on a Leash- KoЯn
Break Some Off- KoЯn

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Trivium, most of the Shogun album

Animals As Leaders

I think Amon Amarth plays some stuff in B standard, so you would be forgetting the highest string

Can't think of any others at the moment...
By DT: The Mirror, The Glass Prison, The Dark Eternal Night, A Change Of Seasons
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I was going to suggest a change of season by DT because that is the one song that I really wish that I could play, but can't because I don't have a 7-string.

Imo, one of the best things about 7-strings is that you can play most downtuned songs without having to downtune your guitar, just play the songs you want to learn, does it matter whether or not they are 7-string? Why did you get a 7-string if you can't think of songs to play with it anyway; you surely must have bought it for a reason?
Anything off of Shogun with the exception of a few songs like Insurrection, and I believe 7 Suicide Silence uses 7 Strings