Dudes, tell me, what's best to buy?

Boss ML-2 Metal Core Pedal
DigiTech HMD1 HardWire Metal Distortion - TL-2
Boss MT-2 Metal Zone

What gives the most powerful metal sound?
Give me your advice! Please! =P
Anyway, I'm using an Epiphone Les Paul and an LTD M-100..
TL-2 hands down. Unless you get a keeley modded MT-2.
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What amp are you using? Without a good amp, pedals are pretty pointless to buy besides as toys; they're not going to help your tone as much as a new amp.
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Out of those three, the TL-2. It's much like the Boss pedals, but it can be dialed in to actually sound good (and not like a broken circular saw).

Have a look at the EHX Metal Muff, too, I'd take it over the three you listed.

Anyway, what's your amp?

EDIT: If the RX15 sounds so good, why do you need a distortion pedal? Answer: Because the RX15 actually doesn't sound good. If you have the money to do it, replace the amp.
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Scrap the distortion pedal idea. Save up and buy an amp which wouldn't need a distortion pedal.Give us a budget. If you're strapped for cash look at the peavey vyper series.

If you have a few hundred bucks to your name I suggest you look at the bugera 6262.
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even if I buy a new amp.. the amp's distorsion ain't the same as the pedal's?
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^Correct. But if the amp's distortion is good, you won't need a pedal.

This, you will be much much happier with a good sounding amp instead of a decent sounding pedal covering up a shitty sounding amp.

Take a look at the peavey vypyr or the vox ad series
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The TL-2 is pretty wicked, the other 2 are quite generic. Line 6 uber metal is sweet as well.
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Get a nice amp.
I regret buying 2 of my 3 distortion pedals and only one I use now, because it is awesome with my Fireball.
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you should try out mxr fullbore metal
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TL-2 all the way!
Mine broke unfortunately after putting in a 12v power supply, it fried. Be carefull on that! Getting a new one at saturday since I have a gig at sunday.