A guy on ebay is highly interested in buying my Line 6 Spider Valve HD100 head for $350 dollars + s/h depending what shipping is. It's around 35 pounds and its your standard long head. Since shipping from hawaii is expensive, I'm thinking that I'll just go USPS since its MUCH cheaper. Whats the best way to get a quote for shipping so that they send it across the sea via AIR? Also I'm wondering what I should pack it in to secure it, and should I insure it? I will definitely track it, thanks. I might just go down to USPS with the dimensions and weight and etc and ask them how much itll be.

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i say just take it to usps, theyll tell you exactly how much and they probably have material for you to use for packing, itll most likely be free or extremely cheap seeing as how they probably have tons of it