Hey all!

I record craploads of covers, but never actually write music... I wanted to change that, so I made Slowdance, my first original song. Written, arranged and recorded by me, of course... Tell me what you think!

ZeGuitarist - Slowdance (Original)

Crit for crit of course.

well really man wow!.. the guitar is perfect instrumental orcherstra are just perfect for this song. my favorite part is Time will whisper words I cannot hear
The fade-out of our harmony is near
It seems the end of my road isn't here
Am I free?

theres a lil part where the piano isnt sync'd with the guitar but its a 10/10 perfecto

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wow man, I must agree with SikMind08, it is just brilliant. IT'S SO GOOD!!! I love your lyrics dude and your voice is so passionate, it just sounds so right with this song. "the fade out of our harmony is near" awesome line. Keep it up man, you're bloody great!

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EDIT: btw, how did u add strings?
Very nice sounding song! At the beginning, I felt like there should be something to fill those pauses; they made that part of the song feel very fragmented. The piano added something nice to it, though sounding a bit unsynced when it came in for some reason, and I liked the orchestral section most of all. The song definitely feels to me like it's split in half, but the second half (the orchestral accompaniment) is beautiful. Very well written, and I would like to know how you got those sounds (VST instrument of some sort?). Also, I would like to point out that you have an excellent singing voice. The lyrics were something I was not expecting, and you had some excellent lines in there. Very nice job.

C4C link is in my sig. It's "Haunted".
I think you did an excellent job with arranging this song. A very good turnout for your first stab at writing. I hope to hear some more from you in the future.
Thanks guys!

For the strings, I used the VST plugin "Miroslav Philharmonik", which has a pretty good collection of orchestral instrument samples (I used the plugin's Steinway samples for the piano in the song as well).

I will crit your songs in the morning! Thanks for the feedback!
nicely done... I cant believe u said this is ur first time doing it... very deep song.. and I have to say this is one of UG's forums cleanest recording... thumbs up for u..

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I came in here expecting a Bring Me The Horizon cover but dude! I started listening then switched windows and thought I was listening to a CD on itunes or something. This sounds very professional and well done, and is very tasteful. However I think I might be hearing some clipping between 1 and 2 minutes (There might not be though). Also at 4:46 make sure not to hit the string to hard, it kinda popped haha. Everything else is pretty much awesome however.

I came in here and saw ZeGuitarist and thought that it might be very professional, and I got exactly what I expected. Do you mind telling me your recording setup?

And this is for C4C, do not feel obligated to do it however
Quote by Meelad360
I came in here and saw ZeGuitarist and thought that it might be very professional, and I got exactly what I expected. Do you mind telling me your recording setup?
For now, I'm plugging my Yamaha FGX720SCA semi-acoustic guitar directly into my M-Audio Fast Track Pro interface, and I record using Cakewalk Sonar 8 Producer Edition. I'm saving up to buy a proper condenser mic for better recordings though, since recording directly by plugging in my acoustic really doesn't do justice to the tone I can get from my baby...

Thanks for your crits guys!
cool man. i dig the acoustic style. nice playing. very laid back. i like the strumming pattern you choose. the guitar sounds great too. the tone that is. arrangment is good. i love the lyrics.

bottom line. this song is going to get you some. for sure haha. nice one.

i can see this being played at a dance hall or something.

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Epic win, man! The lyrics fit the song perfectly. And I really like how you built it up. It's all synced up perfectly too. Very nice job, especially for a first song!

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Very nice production quality, the vocals are predominant and don't take over the mix. The balance as a whole is very sophisticated. The guitar tone is very clean and crisp, however it does lack a little definition on the mid-low, but thats just my taste.

Bro, i really liked this piece, the way it evolves and changes really help the sound.
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