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some kid showed me
61 48%
I blessed others with the greatness that is Pokemon
65 52%
Voters: 126.
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I'm pretty sure that we have all played Pokemon. But my question is how did it come to be in your life. Most people had a buddy on the playground who showed them Pokemon. And from that moment you found the true meaning of life.

However there are those few who showed themselves Pokemon. By that I mean you were the one who showed the other playground kids Pokemon, you sort of became the founder of it at your school and showed everyone.

So what I'm asking is, were you introduced to Pokemon or were you the rare individual who brought Pokemon into the life of others?
My brother showed me the show when I was 4. I stopped watching because I wasn't allowed to watch TV during it's timeslot. THen when I got a GBA I got a copy of Silver, and it all came back.

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I introduced my friends to Pokemon, Anal sex and Heroin. Golly, I miss my kiddie days.
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I was first showed pokemon by a friend then I lit the lives of others.
Sidenote: Have you ever been in an argument about pokemon? I have multiple times.
I always win
Yeah, maybe if I still cared about anything that happened in Elementary school I would remember. As it is, grow up.
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Yeah, maybe if I still cared about anything that happened in Elementary school I would remember. As it is, grow up.

STFU. You know nothing.

I introduced it to my school, I was the Pokemon guru. Good times.

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i was born knowing pokemon. i never really spread it much cuz everyone in my generation was also born knowing pokemon. dam we were wierd
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I'm replaying the red version right now.......
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I was never a fan of Pokemon, the series or the card games, any contact I had with pokemon was through other people showing me it.
i recently downloaded fire red.it kicks so much ass its unreal!

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I really just thought the Red game case looked cool

and that's how it all started...
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Sorry, I never got into it. Once I saw Dragon Ball Z, all other cartoons never lived up and still dont.
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At my school I was THE person to go to with questions about Pokémon. It bit me in the arse eventually when it lost coolness. Bought both red and blue on it's day of release.
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I was shown it by my best friend at primary. He always told me about his favourite Pokemon, Zubat, which as it turns out he pronouced wrong - he called it "Zuhb-Aht"
My friend introduced me to it when he showed me his Pokémon cards. I clearly remember one of them being a Ghastly. From that moment on I knew that my destiny was to be a Pokémon trainer.
I never played it.

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I collected pokemon cards briefly, didn't really understand them though.. I remember trading my best card for a Diglet at one point.. Some dick bought my collection off me for £50 though because I apparently had some "Rare" cards
My older brother showed me a recorded episode he had- Holy Matrimony.
Yes, I do remember the first episode I ever watched.
Don't know. Probably discovered it with friends. Got red and blue and then when i went to secondary school, i just didn't care about pokemon anymore.
It's gonna be a blue day
Well, I went to my cousins house out of state for christmas, and he showed me pokemon. But then I came home and showed everybody the next big thing.
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I introduced my friends to Pokemon, Anal sex and Heroin. Golly, I miss my kiddie days.

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I got Pokemon Red as a present on my birthday from my parents. Kinda obsessed over everything Pokemon related for a few years, but never really shared it with anyone too much back in the day.
this american kid showed me, and i was all "lOLNAW" but then i won yello win a competition and was all "**** yeah! got shit to do in churhc!"

Then a skelton fell out.
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Not gonna lie, I have recently brought Pokemon back to my school. It's amazing.
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put the pieces back together my way
My friend told me about it right when Red and Blue came out. He had Red, so I bought Blue. I'm pretty sure we were the first kids to have it at my elementary school. I remember playing it for a few months before it started getting really popular.
yeah i remember i saw a commercial for Pokemon and my dad said "cool pokemon will be on tv" so I thought it was a show from when he was a kid. Turns out he just read some article about it's success in japan. anyway once I saw that commercial I watched it then thats when my whole world was changed. I watched it eveyday, I even skipped the daily community tag with all the other kids to watch it.

Then I was in a store with my mom and dad and when I went to the toy section I stopped and gazed at the Pokemon cards. I was just like o shit how can u makes pkmn even more cool.

About a month later I was shopping for a mother's day gift with my dad when I saw the Pokemon gba games. I almost died with excitment. I even bought blue version and I didnt even have a game boy at the time. But I still have that same blue version 11 years later. lol
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How in God's name am I expected to remember this?

Christ, I dunno'. I thought God created the universe in this order 'Light > Pokemon > everything else'.

so... God's asian you say?
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I was in the hospital for strep throat, and the only working channel on the tv had pokemon on. It was the one when he first caught Caterpie.
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For me, the 60's ended that day in 1978...

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