I put up a few songs that I put together for my family. I was hoping that you could check them out and tell me what you think. The third one takes a few extra seconds to get started so just bear with it Also they might be a tad bit quiet, sorry about that. Here is the link
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Pretty good man I like the first one alot, the piano playing is great. Very emotional.
Test 2 is really nice too, sorta gloomy but really nice and test 3 is sorta gloomy too but makes me think of space for some reason. Your songs provoke thoughts man, good job!! Keep it up!

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First One: Good piano playing. I agree with the above, it's pretty emotional sounding. It's a solid track but it got pretty repetitive and there wasn't really a hook. It sounded good but there wasn't anything that memorable about it for me. Also I think it would be cool if you mixed up the dynamics a bit - play some bits soft and other bits loud to add some variety and add emphasis to certain sections.

Second one is decent but is a bit too droney and repetitive for my taste. Same thing with the third but I did like the fact that there was a bit more of a distinguishable melody.

Everything sounds good but the tracks don't really stand out that much to me. All the tracks sound more like background music for a TV show or movie than like actual songs. I would love to hear more variety and especially more melody/hooks.

But don't get me wrong I liked what I heard. Solid composition and playing. You've got a decent start here and I think you should definitely keep working on it. Good luck!

And thanks for critting mine.
test 1: God, I love piano. Solid playing, solid writing. It's a great place to start off. I would love to hear some vocals with these chord progressions. Really, though, I'd just love to hear this piece built upon.

test 2: Solid playing. Very clean. Quite refreshing, too. Flowed perfectly into
test 3: Piano + Guitar = excellent. But like the above posters said, nothing really struck me. Maybe flesh this out into full songs. Or one big song with multiple movements. Think about it!

hey man sorry it took awhile to listen to your music but i just have had long hours at work. but i listen to the song (the first one) and i loved it the piano man is epic and raw the chord progressions were solid man. but theres is alot of room for other instruments or even a vocal track. but you have talent