i have had this pedal for a while now, its in ok condition but has a few spots of rust, this is totally cosmetic the pedal works perfect in every way. Its basically a clone of a Boss MT-2 accept this sounds a lot nicer, and doesn't turn your tone to ass, and i can say that honestly as i used to own a MT-2 and this and have tested them side by side.

Only reasion im wanting to trade is becuase now i have a EHX metal muff.

So yeah im looking for a trade of well anything guitar related really, ideally ide like a 3-5 band Eq pedal, a noise gate, reverb pedal or delay, maybe a multi-fx i can play about on. No interested in selling it really, unless you offer me a nice price.

So what ya got UG
I don't want to trade my eq for your dist. pedal, but fancy buyin' it? link in my sig.
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na sorry bud i have no cash atm and wanna get rid of this pedal as its sitting here doing nothing