Hey guys, I'm Ivan. Obviously new to UG.

I've been playing an acoustic guitar for a few months now (I want an electric one), and I'm really enjoying it. I was just wondering if you guys have some ways to enhance my training even more.

I usually train a few hours per day, I have a chords and scales book which I can consult with. But pretty much from day 1 I started playing a bit of Maiden stuff. The easy things, like Dance of Death or anything that comes to my mind.

I'm strong, so pushing the strings is no problem. But if you've got any advice on building speed, I'm up for it.

Thanks in advance!
Honestly, I recommend just browsing the lessons that people have posted up on this site. You'll find one for just about everything that you're looking for. Whether it be finger strength, speed, accuracy, endurance, scales, chords, solos, rhythm, etc. There's a lesson for just about everything and new ones are always getting posted.
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Thanks guys, both of you. I guess I'll continue playing the stuff I like (and that I can!), and eventually get better and better. I'll check the lessons too.
1 more thing. I seriously want an electric guitar now. Do you guys think I should wait until I'm more experienced with guitars, or it doesn't matter if I buy it now?

I know some people started from scratch on electrics. Thanks in advance!
Welcome to UG, Ivan.

As for your electric guitar question, that's really up to you. A good electric guitar setup(guitar + amp) will be more expensive than a good acoustic. The main differences between playing acoustic is the amount of strength you need and stylistic playing differences.

In general, acoustic guitar requires more strength than electric guitars.
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Yes, so in a way playing the electric guitar will be easier. There's a plus, it'll be extra easier to me because the strings on my acoustic guitar are a bit higher than they should be.
Physically, yes. It will be easier. However, for the learning process, i'd suggest going with the harder guitar to play. As a new player, you need to build up finger strength.
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I started out on the electric guitar, but I play a far bit of acoustic guitar and have had long periods of time where I was only concerned with playing acoustic guitar. Mostly because it's easier to sing with and has it's own unique style.

I started out playing electric, but within months I was playing my family's acoustic guitar. I feel it keeps my interested in guitar because when I get bored with one type I move on to the other. Then when I eventually come back I've usually improved my overall technique and can do more on the first type of guitar I was playing (sry if that's confused wording).

I've never tried one, but on musician's friend you can get a cheap electric combo for like 80 bucks, electric guitar, strap, pick, tuner, carry case. It's a cheap strat knock off but they're easy to tweak if you have any problems with playability.

EDIT: they seem to have taken them off. maybe they sucked. Oh well I would recommend this:


or if you have more money


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Thanks guys. Well, my finger strength is really not a problem (I train judo, so that's solved!). And I won't sell my acoustic guitar, I'm sure I'll use it too.

Those packs are nice, but I don't really buy from the internet. I've been to a music shop today, and found some pretty nice guitars. There were a few Jacksons, but without the whammy bar, so no to those. There are even some ~200$ Strats. I'll have to try them first before I buy them.
Be patient and just enjoy playing - I've been playing acoustic again lately and have found it difficult to twist my fingers into the correct chord shapes for even fairly simple songs (read: Jack and Diane by JCM)...I get frustrated when it doesn't come as quickly as I'd like and I know I sound weak when I'm first practicing it. But after a night or two - that difficult part isn't so difficult anymore

Patience, the speed will come with good technique and there's lots to play that doesn't involve a lot of raw speed and sounds great.