Hey T&C! It's been awhile since my last post. This time I've got an experimental piece heavily influenced by Bulb and jazzy metal bands that I've been obsessing over for the past few weeks like Coprofago and Exivious.

This song is experimental in the sense that I'm trying new techniques such as modal phrases, different keys, odd chord progressions, and using dissonance.

Some concerns:
How are the solos?

How is the ending?

Does it flow well?

How effective is the dropout of all the instruments at bar 121

As always, feel free to comment on anything else you might see that needs to be fixed.
****ing amazing man. Due to lack of any flaws, I can't really give this a full crit.
Instead, I'll just point out my favorite parts (hard to distinguish, since everything is great).

The structure works really well. The beginning is quasi-superfluous, in that it just bowls you over with a mass of sounds hitting at once. Nothing is out of place here and when it finally arrives at a stable destination, it's quite welcome. The timing is just perfect.

7/8 over 4/4 (8/8?) is grand. It has the djent sound without being derivative. Excellent. And the second part of this riff, just wow. Even better.

You know what? This is exactly what I want from The Arusha Accord on their next album. They have the technical skill to pull it off.
I also see the Bulb in this quite a bit.

What I really like is that you never descend into any cliches here. I've gone over it twice, and it still sounds fresh. The bombast style really pummels the listener.
It's all strengthened by how deliberate every section is. There's no filler, no wankery.

Answering your questions:

How are the solos?

Only real weakness in the song, they are buried far too low in the mix and at a point where the song has quite a bit going on to begin with (I'm talking about the main solo section at bar 79).

How is the ending?

It works. With the beginning being so explosive, I think the end would require that contrast of fading away.

Does it flow well?


How effective is the dropout of all the instruments at bar 121

I think the whole and a half note ringing should be shortened to a singular whole, in 5/4 time. The transition to the more somber side of the song is effective.

A nigh perfect song.

EDIT: Oh, and don't crit anything that I currently have out (unless you want to look at Noctural Logistics).
I have a lengthy 300 measure piece that is really disjointed in some sections, and I would like some advice as to making it more fluid.
I'll PM you when I get to as close to finished as possible before I call on you.
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Maybe I'll give a proper crit on this someday... but for now, big kudos to you. Although there is still some unnecessary wank here and there, everything in this song is sounding purposeful, coherent and quality. Very nice job.

It did remind me of zakatak's Abiogenesis in some small details... odd just a couple of reminiscences, not that the songs are anything like each other. But anyway.

Hopefully I'll be back for more text.

P.S. Exivious is freakin' awesome, great choice.
I'll admit, Abiogenesis did inspire me a lot in the beginning of the piece. The only similarities are the form though. The intro synth chord, the introduction of the clean guitar, they're both pretty much in the same exact place as they are in Abiogenesis.