Well, this is the most appropriate forum I found...

Hello, I am trying to play a bunch of songs on ukulele, some work out fine (obviously not like the guitar, but you hear it well) but some are not really sounding right at all.

Here's the list of ones I'm trying, some attempted and failed, some I haven't tried yet:
Mr Blue Sky - ELO
Golden Touch - Razorlight
Naive - The Kooks
Banana Pancakes
(I'll remember the rest later)

You never know, this could turn into a uke resource for UG...

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Banana Pancakes actually gives me trouble playing it on the ukulele. I'm not really sure what your asking here though?
I just bought a ukulele, and have spent my time working out lots of acoustic "emo" music - Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, The Fall Of Troy, City And Colour, Frank Turner...

Nothing makes bitching about life better than playing it on a tiny, high-pitched instrument.

There's a video of me playing Tribute and Master of Puppets on the internet too...very, very badly.