Hi, I am travelling to san francisco soon and want to pick up a nice acoustic guitar while over there. I would be looking at spending $800-1200. I prefer warm sounding guitars in a dreadnought style (something folksy). I liked the sound of martins from playing the acoustics in guitar shops over here in Ieland. Has anyone any advice on the best quality martins in this price range or other similar makes which I might like.
Thanks in advance
i don't think you get enough choice with martins in that price range to make a recommendation. try the all solid ones and see which one you like.

on the other hand, blueridge guitars have a warm, full and balanced sound with plenty of bass response that is similar to martin. they're a lot harder to find in a store, but it can be done, and if you like martin but can't afford one of their premium guitars, blueridge delivers not only great sound but very good bang for your buck.

solid mahogany back and sides br-140
http://www.maurysmusic.com/inc/sdetail/35952 to the

solid rosewood b&s br-160

adirondack top and wider nut br-160A

beside their dreads, blueridge also offers acoustic electrics and 000 guitars.

and don't forget the guild GAD series. very good bang for your buck, all solid guitars in a variety of sizes. or you could go with an all mahogany martin for a bit under a grand.
I'm a big fan of Martin's mahogany guitars. They sound absolutely amazing for the price you're looking for.

I'm looking into getting myself a 000-15 as soon as possible.
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