Wrote this a few nights ago, was feeling pretty confused.

it works both ways
the intricate fibers of life
if they fused into one, that's what this would feel like
you're all disbanded and uncertain
so am i

it works both ways
you can tell me what you would do
and i'll say what i'd do if i were you
swap the connections and mix the chords
but the system still won't work

it goes it's own way
you and me, simply existing
do we have control or can we only spectate
if either is true would things change?
it works both ways

it all serves it's function
we become so confused and if we aren't
we just aren't wondering
answers come but then they never end
and they become questions again
and they fuse into one big connection
that doesn't fit
We're only strays.
I liked this.

Might come back and be more in-depth in a mo, as I'm looking for revision distractions, but yeah...insightful and deep without being pretentious or "out there".