Probably not. Modelling pedals and modelling amps together is a waste of time generally. Do you already have one of them?
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on the modded clean channel, and turn off your amp reverb, or flat out the eq at 12 o'clock.

Should work fine. I tried my me-25 on my VT-30 no problems.

But of course the best sound comes from putting it through an AC4TV i have here.
ive tried an ME50 thru an ad30vt, sounded like crap. if you have an ME i would suggest either buying a straightup SS amp like a Pathfinder or a Frontman.
or you can use your ME with a modeler if you turn off the distortion preset BS's with the ME and use only the modulation effects (i.e. delay, flange, etc.)

but imo both running at both of their capacities = s***.
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