hi guys. paydays coming soon and i will have a little extra cash,
i currently use a epi explorer with EMG's and a floyd into a jcm 900 4501
i was thinking of getting a vintage 30, or some sort of pedal, my budget is around £80.
i have been looking at tubescreamers and metal muff on ebay, and of course the vintage 30.

alternatavely are there any other speakers you could recomend. my amp has a 8 and 16 ohms socket. i enjoy metallica megadeth, 80's metal, ( hair and thrash) but also need something suitable for OK cleans and low gain.

current speaker is celestiong 12t-75 i find it lacking in the bass department.
If you're looking for more bass I don't think a V30 is the way to go. They are very gritty, mid heavy speakers, but I wouldn't say their low end is their strong point at all. They're the only good speaker I've really used though, so I can't make another suggestion.
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Unless its electronic drums.

it sounds like you could use an eq pedal.
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