The main problem for my songwriting is the rhythm. Whether I'm using power chords or open chords I always seem to end up using the same rhythm and I was wondering how I could stop this. I particularly like the rhythm of some Nirvana songs such as Scentless Apprentice, Dive, Stain, and Breed as the rhythm is different for all of them and they really make the songs sound the way they do whereas songs I write all sound similar. Any help on how I can come up with interesting and powerful rhythms like this would be great.

Also, I was wondering how to write rock and metal riffs because I've never really tried it but would love to be able to.

Finally, when it comes to lyrics i really struggle. When I try writing they tend to be about a general idea but they always sound like I'm telling a story in a very linear way whereas when I listen to other lyrics they tend to be about a general idea but in no particular order so i was wondering how i could improve on this.
im not much of a riff writer.. im a rhythm guitarist
but i write a lot lyrics.
a good way to write lyrics, is to NOT listen to music you like.
this avoids copy writing...
if you look out a window, or youre on your deck,
just ask yourself; "whats out there?"
and just write about whatever you come up with.
im assuming you know about rhyming patterns.. just pick one, and stick with it.
you can change it up between chorus and verses.. but keep it close to samilar so its not confusing for the ears..
then theres prechorus, i advise making the prechorus the 'catchiest' part of the song.
itll help the listener remember the chorus.
so yeah, good luck champ.
To change your pattern try throwing something new into the progression that you're playing. For example... if your playing this simple progression (G, Em, C, D) with a pattern such as downstroke (V) downstroke (V) upstroke (^) downstroke (V) for eaqch chord, then switch it up to let's say... (G)V^V^(Em)VVV^(C)^^VV(D)^V^V ( I hope that makes sense.) Or substitute a palm mute somewhere in the mix, or hammer-on's and pull-off's in the chord itself. Once you get the progression you want, just play around attempting to add little things to break the monotony and make it interesting.

As for lyrics, personally, I write lyrics that go along with the feeling of the songs, usually based on life experiences. So if the chords played sound sad and meloncholy my lyrics seem to go along with that feeling. But, you could do the opposite as well. There are plenty of bands that will take minor chords that make one feel sad and they'll have upbeat lyrics. There's no universal formula. Just write what your music makes you feel and look up different words and sayings, or metaphors to throw in.

Good luck.

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