as title says!...
all in excellent condition. cab has never left the house and the head has only been to a few band practices.
my band has now split up. had a mesa rectifier before this head which i sold to buy the jvm as it is so much better.

excellent clean and overdrive channels.
cab is also great. vintage 30s suit this really well.

this head can do alot of tones. i personnaly think it gives a better hi gain tone than the likes of 5150. which i also have owned.

great rig, sad to see it go but i dont need it and i have nowhere to store it.

im selling for £1000 no offers. comes with footswitch and leads etc. all like new. and head has manual.

07525468904 (martin)

peavey 6505
marshall 1960av cab
esp ltd ec1000 18V M0D
schecter black hawk
prs standard 24 platinum grey
ibanez aeg10e acoustic

dual rectifier 3 channel head
prs custom 24
tremonti se (duncan p/ups)
schecter tempest (red)
Could we see pics?

Not saying I am really interested in throwing 1000 for a new marshall, i'm am still in highschool...

I would like to see it though.
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Great set-up man. For all you metal heads, don't be fooled just because it's a Marshall; it can definitely do death metal and the likes with ease.
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