hey everybody-

i'd like to be able to listen to what i just played to really hear what i need to fix- or to just enjoy a successfull solo. what would i need to record with? i'm looking for the most simple device like a pedal or something. i'm talkin very simple- is their any pedal or device that will allow me to record maybe 5 mins or so of playing then play it back?
Audacity + built-in mic most laptops now have.

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My friend used a little tape recorder, like the ones you get at radio shack for recording lectures and whatnot. actually worked pretty well.
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You could even use a Rockband or GH4 mic + Audacity, its better quality than the one built in to the computer.
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i run my Boss OD20 overdrive pedal right into my pc through the 'line-out' on the pedal, and just record with the standard windows recorder installed on every windows computer
I also downloaded a multitrack recording program which works a bit better and you can even add effects afterwards, this way you can play the backing for your solo's first (it has a built in metronome in the program too)
I used a Line 6 Backtrack, which always works better than plugging into my laptop, somehow (it's a good laptop). So I recommend the Backtrack - the version with the mic, though, doesn't have a great mic, and is about £30-40 more expensive.
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Just to hear yourself back again, most any lower priced digital recorder with a set of headphones will work fine.

If you want to move up to capture exact tones and put the audio on the web, a good audio interface and software such as Reaper would be worth spending money on.
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cool- eventually i'd like to make my own tracks- but that's a ways down the road so i think i'll go with the simple handheld digital recorder- thanks for the tips