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There's a couple screw ups on the clean guitar but nothing too bad I guess.

Please take a listen, and I'll return crit just leave me a link.

It's interesting. Gives me an eerie vibe. It doesn't seem to get repetitive either and has quite some changes which makes you wanna hear what's next. It's good man. I like the sudden changes of tempo. Also how it regresses back to the clean part is cool. Sounds pretty original too, meaning it doesn't sound generic or anything. Nice work.

Here's mine.
Thanks for the ctiy guys, I'll return crit shortly.

The sound at the beginning was the good old David Gilmour wah trick with the reverse cables. Except I altered the pitch with my tone knobs to get an exact note, left it there, and then I used the pitch shifter on my RP to change pitches. Then just record two more times with the harmonies.