it seems like a pretty simple setting, but its hard to acurately tell what it is, because the only places ive ever heard it was the intro of two songs, for just a few seconds.

the intro guitar of this song:
until 0:08

and the intro guitar of this song:
until 0:02

it just sounds like they turned down the low pass a shitload or something, but im not sure.
sounds like a mid frequency filter of some sort.
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the first one sounded like random noise

the second one sounded like it had lots of treble and gain but the mids scooped super low and the volume killed and panned it between speakers.

watch them live on youtube and see how they doit??
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yeahh i JUST figured it out. (on garageband) i do the AUHipass - set the cutoff frequency to 1,000.0 Hz and the resonance to 0.0 dB.

i dont know what that would be on other programs though.