With the gear I have, how could I get a sound similar to QOTSA or Kyuss?

I have an Epiphone SG, Digitech Hot Rod distortion, Morley Wah/Distortion/Volume, a cheap off-brand chorus, and a BBE Green Screamer. All of that into a Peavey Windsor half-stack.
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Save up for an Ampeg V4 and get a bass cab.
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i can pull useable and similar tones with a big muff alone.
level maxed, sustain virtually none, maybe 9 o'clock, and tone at minimum.
into an amp set to about mid gain

edit: for qotsa's older albums up the sustain on the muff and scoop your amp a little more
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Fuzz & octaver. Combine the two and you can get something similar to Josh.
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death by audio Fuzz War. as much hassle it was to eventually get one that worked from them, it was well worth it, great pedal. problem with a big muff is that while it is awsome at home, the scooped nature of it means it gets lost in the mix in a live situation pretty easily.
Don't all fuzzes lose some mids? I didn't think it only applied to the Big Muff... When I think improved Big Muff I think this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3oxQmz-lqWM

Mids control, with other added goodies... Not that I didn't like the demos of the Fuzz War I heard...

Make sure you use the neck pickup of your guitar, specifically for Kyuss. I've found bass cabs unneccessary, but keeping your bass control boosted with the highs notched back a bit helps. I would add gain/distortion to taste.
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a semihollow guitar if you have one. he is almost always using one.

yeah, boost bass, cut high end, boost mids. then it just comes down to mixing your fuzz gain with your amps gain.

i saw a V4 head going for like 350 but had no money (((((

edit: maybe most Kyuss stuff is different but i find myself using the bridge pup 95% of the time for qotsa. maybe mid on my strat but not too much neck depends on the parts of songs i guess.
'87 Fender Strat
Oscar Schmidt Archtop
Laney LC15R
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Do you have a HH or SSH strat? I've seen video of Josh live with Kyuss, and he's got his pickup selector set in the 'up' position, which from what I can hear is the neck pickup. Josh really only started using semihollow sometime after Songs for the Deaf (Maton guitars as well as those 'Dot' models I believe) before he used mostly solid bodies.

I'll be honest, my favorite QOTSA stuff is all pre-SftD, so I can't really comment on getting his newer tones well.

All that being said, have you checked out this website? http://www.stonerrock.com/ Arm yourself with knowledge!