Hey guys, for the past 6 months (since turning 18) i've turned into a pretty serious gigging bass player which is close to what i've always wanted but i've been having a problem.

lately i've been playing alot of punk and hard rock, all stuff that needs a pick to sound right and at the end of every night my thumb is DEAD. Like the pain is unbeliveable. I play through it but its right above the Knuckle, all the muscles are stiff and it sucks incredibly.
I'm not really master of the pick with bass i'm likely doing something wrong. I prefer thinner picks like .7's so it doesn't screw me up too fast and i stretch before playing but i still get this pain.
I really don't want to goto a doctor or anything for it, does anyone else get this? It really really sucks cause its half of what i play : \
Any help would be great and EXTREMELY appreciated
1. How long have you been playing bass/with a pick altogether? (Answer each inquiry separately.)

2. How do you hold the pick when you play?

3. How long does the pain last after it starts?

When using new muscles for long periods of time, pain is imminent until your body becomes accustomed to whatever it is you're doing.

Frankly, I wouldn't bother stretching; practicing your chops by simply playing the chops is the best way to master the chops.

sounds like your just holding it too hard.

If you're getting muscle pain like that, its typically from too much tension.

loosen up, relax, and really focus on your picking and see just how much tension you're using. I get the same thing once inawhile, but it goes away quick by drinking tons of water and just staying loose.
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Don't move the pick with your fingers but with your wrist. Use only as much pressure on the pick for it to stay in place. Fists don't have many muscles so I doubt it's the muscles getting used to playing - bad technique is far more probable.
1. Playing bass for like 5 years now? I had always played in jazz bands and combos though so i never really worried about playing other styles on bass. The picks new to me, maybe like 6 months or so?
2. Index and thumb, with the pick resting on the last knuckle of the index and thumb flat holding it down (if that makes any sense)
actually that may be my problem... Hrmm..
3. Pain lasts for like a half hour but if i hop on the bass it goes back immediately if its the same night, by morning im good.

And uhh yeah my chops could be a little choppy right now.. Bahaha... I can't stand the word "Chops", its kinda hilarious xD
But i know what you mean =P

and as for Kivarenn82, i think you're right. After reading how i describe my pick posture its definately something for me to look into, ill try out different things before my gig tonight. And you think water helps? I've never really thought of that... I don't drink alcohol when i play and cause of that i dont drink alot of anything at bars... Hrmmm. Waters on the menu tonight i suppose
Thanks for the feedback
I would recommend a thicker pick. I like the .88 tortex. It feel perfect for me. I still get a little pain if I go apeshit, but it's all good.