so, i've been wanting to get some recording equipment for years now, but i've never had the funds to do so.

i'm thinking that i'm going to use whatever graduation money i get to buy some gear.

i have a MacBook, and that's all i've been using to record up to this point (the built-in mic and Garageband.) http://myspace.com/tonyrandallextravaganza

it'll just be me and my guitar, i probably won't be doing more than about 3 or 4 tracks, they'll be mostly demos for now. but i'm going to need two microphones, for sure.
i was thinking about the MXL 990 and 991. would you recommend them?

which interfaces would you recommend?

http://www.guitarcenter.com/M-Audio-M-Audio-Studio-Pro-3-Monitors---MXL-990-991-Microphone-Package-888907-i1471849.gc this package? i'll need an interface as well, i know.

and Garageband is a fine program and it seems to have everything i need, so i'm not really looking to buy any software, unless it comes with something i purchase.

i'd like to keep this between $300 and $400, if possible.

thanks in advance!
I've got a Tascam DP-02 CF. It's a decent little thing. I paid like $300 for it. It's got 8 tracks, it's phantom powered, you can record up to two tracks simultaneously, built in metronome and EQ. Everything on my profile was recorded with it. I would recommend it.
Only thing is you'll need some speakers to run it through so you can hear it. But that M-Audio package doesn't look bad either. I just don't like dealing with microphones unless I'm messing with vocals.

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that audio package doesnt include an audio interface so you'll still need to pick one up.

I suggest just getting something like this instead:

This presonus pack is better as it offers higher end monitors but you pay a little more:

between the two, I'd go with the PreSonus but be sure there are Mac drivers out for that interface at the PreSonus website.
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the presonus is nice.
i'll need another mic if i get that, probably the 991, i'm thinking.

would it be cheaper to get the first package and then buy a nice interface.

which interfaces would you recommend, alone.
Well the PreSonus package is a little cheaper overall but you can't easily find the 991 on it's own. You spend about the same money on the M-Audio/MXL or PreSonus way once you get cables and stands...

If you go with the separate 990/991 package and a separate interface, I suggest looking into the M-Audio Fast Track Pro. I'm a fan of M-Audio interfaces. The drivers and build quality are top notch for the price range. I'm running a PreSonus FP10 in my studio now but am looking to swap it out soon as it is being a little funky at times.

The MXL 990/991 are two mics that I use all the time and are great for the price.
you can see a few reviews of them in the R&R record thread linked in my sig.

Overall, I personally would go with the M-Audio/MXL deal and hold out on monitors until you can spend a little more on something higher in the price range.
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