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Hey there, ive been working on this song for abit now
and was just about ready to give it up, but wanted to see if you guys think i should continue it on, or atleast just give me some nice feedback on it, or criticism to help make it better.
it isnt much, about 1 minute something long, im also unsure what to do after the ending, thinking about making a small drum fill and go into a upbeat chorus, any thoughts?

C4C if really needed

thanks in advance
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The melody in measures 5-8 feels a little stale. Also, I'd advice you to always start the melody with the note that matches what key you're in. It just sounds a little more natural.

On the second verse, have the drums going through the whole song instead of following the Overdriven Lead Guitar. It was a little hard to find the melody.

The Rhythm Guitar and Clean Lead sounds well together and it's a simple yet effective chord progression.

You have a good start here, dude. Write a chorus (preferably a little upbeat) and continue from there.

I'd appreciate a C4C:

Good luck with the song!