The very first intro part reminded me of Flogging Molly. The singing reminds me of Blink 182 a little. This genre isn't what I usually listen to and that being said, it didn't really stick out compared to other songs of the genre I've heard. It's pretty simple too, but nontheless it sounded good.

Here's my link if you can check it out:
I think I'll hold out hope! Epic. I like it.
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Seems like it would be a great set opener! The vocals aren't really my style, but are on key and fit the style very well. The recording quality seemed pretty spot on. The solo guitar tone was pretty weak, though. Coulda used some balls to drive it home.

Keep it up, man. You've got a pop hit writing talent!
It's good. I honestly can't think of anything that needs to be fixing. It is a fun song and seems like it could get a crowd moving. Do you think you could crit some of my stuff?
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HOLY CRAP! haha damn I love this song, very pop-punk. It would definitely get me all jumpy and stuff on stage. It sounds like a really fun song to play. Nothing at all to improve everything fits. You're talented dude. GOOD JOB! keep it up!
Good song, the drums sounded really digital though, were they programmed?

Otherwise, keep it up
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wow, nice job man. very well written song and your voice fits the music very well. i think the vocals could be turned up a bit but thats just personal preference.
from what i could understand, your lyrics were pretty solid too.

overall this is good, you have good energy and this is a convincing performance. nice work.
wow man. i wasent ecspecting much. but that was rockin. i loved the intro. the spoken intro lol. then bam. like a ton of bricks and in youre face. singing was good. ysll have been doing this a while. good tune man. its short, to the point and rockin. very pop punk ish. almost teen movie sounding. good song man. cool stuff.

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