This is the first song I wrote in ages. Just started strumming and the words came to me

Her eyes are like a dream
That's bursting at the seams
Don't know what's reality
But I'm doing what I think is best for me

She's everything I want
Just like a ghost these feelings will haunt
I just don't know what I should do
But I said "I'm doing it all because of you"

This girl is heaven sent
But I am only hell bent
And at the end of every night
I realize this'll never end right

A demon knows just what he will need
Mate feed kill then repeat
But it's different this time around
Cause this angel's made me lose my ground

It's a thing no one thought they'd see
A girl like her a guy like me
Our lives paused I won't press play
Cause here comes the part where they take her away


Last night I got the news
bloodhsot eyes as the tears came through
Look what this world has done to her
It's a disease and I've found my cure

Well I guess that this is the end
I'll never see her again
Put the nozzle to my lips
And close my eyes for one more kiss