Poll: Long Hair = Better guitar player?
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6 20%
24 80%
Voters: 30.
Just wondering. It seems as time goes by, my hair got longer, and as soon as it kinda covered up my eyes I seemed to get a LOT better. LoL!
What do you guys think?
Yeah. I cut my hair and just was too uncomfortable to play well anymore. I got used to it as my hairs getting longer though. One day I'll be back to myself.
when your hair is longer it cuts off your ability to see as far to the sides up and down so you can concentrate more on what is happening in front of you and not be distracted. this is what i think
this belongs in the pit.

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I'd say no, but I've yet to find a good metal band without a long-haired member, and I love my hair. =D
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he HAD logn hair and while he had it he wrote surfing with the alien with was a revolutionary album for shred.
I think its all a state of mind and what makes you feel comfortable. Maybe your playing better when you have long hair because your confident and comfortable and can focus on your playing, but once you cut your hair it might make you feel uncomfortable even if you don't notice it, which may affect your playing slightly. In the end I don't think it affects your actual skill but it affects you confidence level when you play.