hey does anyone know stuff about this amp
the reviews on musicians friend are a little bleak
i like to play a day to remember and stuff like that
some three days grace
and stuff
i need to know if this amp can give me a good bottom end
i want to be able to go down and mute the 7th fret and not have tons of flat sounding stuff
I had the 30W version before. 'Twas awful.
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To be honest it's a pretty crappy amp. What's your budget? The peavey vyper or roland cube may suit your needs.
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Well there is a new Ibanez Tube amp with a built-in Tubescreamer, Its only 15 watts which I dont know if that is loud enough, Its only $300 too. Which is pretty cheap and it has all of the Tubescreamer opions in the amp. And I think there is a footswitch but I dont know.