Hey everyone,

I'm a teenager, and I'm about to join a band with some friends. Our bassist and singer both write songs. I'm just starting to write, and getting better, but I've never written with other people. So my question is, well, how to write with other people. What's the etiquette? Where's the line between constructive crticism and being mean? Also, as a side note, how to you guys write with other people? I'd be interested as to what you find works best. If it helps, I'm a guitarist and play hard rock/ metal.

In my band's case, the singer/rhythm guitarist and I (I'm the drummer, but I also play bass, and probably know the most about music theory and dynamics out of all of us) write most of the instruments. The lead guitarist still does his part; usually, just ideas, but he also writes his solos, when we need one. As far as lyrics, we never really collaborate. Me and the singer write all the lyrics, and most of our stuff is too personal for someone else to usually change it.

This is just what's worked for us; just mess around, and see what works best for your band.

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in my band the singer and the drummer did most of the lyrics and basic melodies cause they lived together...then id do all lead guitar parts (some rhythm) and bassist would do all bass parts and wed ask opinions on what to change....stick to each others strengths is the best thing you can do and if you write lyrics one day that u love, have them read it (most singers are more comfortable with their own lyrics tho)
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