Well, as another school year comes to a close, a lot of teachers are assigning fun projects. My friends and I have done two music videos, one for AP Government, and one for Latin.

AP Government:

Immigrants Go- a parody of xenophobia in America

"The Sound of Silence" by Simon & Garfunkel sung partially in Latin with a badass video involving a warlock, forest nymph, and elves.

So, has anyone else done anything like this? If so, post it! If it's not a video, or you don't feel like posting it, just describe it.

Oh, and sorry for some of the fail camerawork. I wasn't the one recording on all but a couple of the clips.

I made a cameo in Immigrants Go (I'm in the Wilco shirt), but I didn't appear in SILENTIO SONANTE (bar the final scene where I'm in the background with three other people). I did all of the editing on both videos.
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wroet songs for history
distortion pedal for phisics
both fun i used the pedal in the history song
nothing like that for for english although i am giving the teacher guitar lessons
Actually, here the school year is starting.

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lucky my final project is to memorize 18 stories and describe a random one(teacher chooses) to the teacher...IN SPANISH!

now is that fun enough for u?
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Im doing a statistics projects on Pokemon starters. Seeing links between personality types/gender and which starters people pick.
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