Or Trem systems in general. Why is it so tough to use the system? I was playing a strat and a Syn Gates guitar the other day, and it took a lot of effort to bend the guitar strings. Is this normal?

I had that problem w/ my RG. It was originally set up for 9's I put 10's on it in standard, and it was a struggle to bend

Long story short, If you changed your gauge you might have to adjust the tension
it might not have been set up properly
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Was it a floating trem or a vintage style strat trem.

Strat trems seem to be tougher to move then floating trems. They usually have more springs in them also, to keep the trem pressed against the body, instead of floating.

The also are non-recessed, which means the trem can't be pulled unless set up right, and even then, it won't be like a Floating trem.

Bottom line, vintage style trems are more for doing subtle vibrato, and FR's are more for doing the stuff your trying to do.
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Prolly just really old and cheap strings.
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