I am the beast, the kraken
The monster under your bed
The reason you wish you were dead
That storm that scared you when young
Lighting that frightens and thunder that stuns

That chill running down your spine
That breath on the back of your neck
I am the reason your afraid of whats under your neck
I am your boogie man, your phobia
Fear that grips and claws that rip

I am all the worst in your life
All your failures, malice and spite
All the hate, all the melancholy
All the worst memories and nights
All those bullies and bitches
All those broken heats and bones
All those sticks and thrown stones
All those long nights alone
All with only a bottle and gun
All the voices in your head
I'm all you got when your almost dead

I'm the walls that scream to paint them red
To make them slick with blood, but instead
You try to fight it, ignore it, crawl back to bed
I'm the voice that laughs, all up in your head
Echoes insides, driving you mad, filling you with dread
Everyone has no idea how much you have bled
How brutal i am, how your soul i have shred
How vicious i am, how its worse th
an being dead
How corrupted i am, how your heart has turn to lead
All this woe and dread, in sanity, I have spread
It makes you wish you where lying in a dirt bed

I am the beast, the fallen angel
The shadow cast by the light
The evil present in your life
The demons that com out at night
The ever present feeling of fright

The constant attempts to ignite
Some kind of terror, a kind of blight
That plagues your dream scape
And follows you through the landscape
That you no there's no escape

I am the beast...
I am the kraken
I am the monsters
I am the fallen angel
I am the fear
I am all you know